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1.5 hours of instruction

2023-2024 School Tuition

Monday - Thursday Classes


K4 (Pre-K) - Kindergarten

Morning Session: 9am-12pm 

NSB Afternoon Session: 1-4pm 

Non-refundable registration fee (per session AM and PM): $100

Morning Session/per month: $125

Afternoon Session/per month: $125

1st - 12th grade

Non-refundable registration fee per class: $60

Per month/per class: $50

Study Hall per month/per class: $20

There is no registration free for study hall.

Please note that there will be a lab fee of $20 for all science classes.

Friday Classes

Per month/per class: $40

Payment Policy


School tuition can be determined using the price list (found on the website). A $60 ($100 for K4-K5) registration fee per class is due before school begins. This holds your student’s spot in their classes, as well as helps to provide curriculum for the teachers. Tuition is the price for the entire school year. The total price for the entire school year will be divided into nine months (September-May). The helpfulness of this layout allows the school and you, as a parent, the ability to budget the same exact price every month. The price will not change monthly because you are dividing the total tuition into nine months. So, for months like December and May, where there are not as many classes, you are still paying the same exact price each month. Payments can be made via cash, check, or Zelle.

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