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Is FAITH accredited?

No. FAITH is a homeschool academy. Our classes are meant to supplement your learning at home.

As homeschooling families, the credits are given by the parent for the courses taken at home, as well as elsewhere.

Does your staff hold teaching certifications?

Some of our teachers have certifications, but most are members of the local homeschool community  who have a passion and want to share it with others! All teachers are Christian and must sign a statement of faith to teach with FAITH.

Are parents required to stay and/or participate

Because our academy embraces the collaboration between parents and teachers, we absolutely encourage parent participation during school events (holiday parties, for example). Parents are not required to teach or stay; our co-op is meant to be a drop-off program. Parents are required to volunteer a few times during the school year to help with the cleaning of the facility. Multiple options are given and a sign up sheet will be out at the beginning of the school year. As a reminder, it is the parents' responsibility for their children's home education on the days they are not at school.

How many classes can my child take?

Students are encouraged to take each class offered for their age group for the whole day on Tuesday and Thursday, but it is not required. Students are able to choose classes on an a la carte basis. If a student has a free class period, they are asked to sit in the cafeteria or gym (a cost will be applied to this; a tutor is available during this time). 

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