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Frequently Asked Questions

Is FAITH Accredited?

No. FAITH is a homeschool academy. Our classes are meant to supplement your learning at home. As homeschooling families, the credits are given by the families for courses taken at home as well as elsewhere.

What is the "hybrid" model?

Homeschooling takes many shapes. The hybrid model, aka university model, is one method. Students receive in-class instruction from knowledgable teachers among their peers 2 days per week. They complete home learning activities under the guidance of the homeschooling parent on the other school days. Ultimately, as with any model of homeschooling, it is the parents' responsibility to educate their child. 

Does your staff hold teaching certifications?

Some of our teachers have certifications and/or degrees in education. Most are members of the homeschool community who have a passion and want to share it with others! All teachers are Christian and must agree to our statement of faith. All staff also undergoes a background check.

How many classes can my child take?

Students are encouraged to take all of the classes offered for their level. However, families may choose classes on an a la carte basis. If a student has a free class period but wishes to remain on campus, they must be enrolled in Study Hall (a fee applies), where a tutor is available to help them complete assignments.

Are parents required to stay and participate?

We embrace collaboration between parents and teachers, and so encourage parent participation during the school day. However, parents are not required to teach or stay; FAITH is a drop-off program. We do ask parents to volunteer to help with cleaning the facility several times a year. Multiple options to help with this are given and a sign up sheet will be announced.

Have more questions?

We'd love to talk with you! Please contact us to schedule an in person tour of one of our 2 locations to find out if FAITH is a good fit for your homeschooling needs.


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